Hopelink Adult Education strives to be a welcoming place for all adult learners. Each person comes to us with valuable skills and experience. Our learning environment creates opportunities for people to identify the skills they already have, develop new skills, and reach their goals.

All our programs are completely free, and students receive all the learning materials they will need to participate.

Look below to learn more about our programs!

GED/High School+

In GED/High School+, students prepare to pass the GED exams or complete work to earn credits toward their high school diploma. Visit the GED/High School+ webpage to learn more.

English for Work

In English for Work, students improve their English language skills to prepare for employment in the United States. Visit the English for Work webpage to learn more.

Digital Skills

In Digital Skills, students Learn to use a computer, navigate the Internet, participate in Zoom meetings, use email, create word documents and spreadsheets, and more! Visit the Digital Skills webpage to learn more.

What students say about our classes

“I like the fact that I could work at my own pace. I feel like I learned so much compared to other times in my life. The class is fun and supportive.”

-GED/High School+ student

“The class gives the feeling to belong somewhere and share your thoughts and ideas in English with each other.”

-English for Work student

“I like that every time I need help, there is someone to help me. I feel good about myself and what I am learning.”

-GED/High School+ student

“Thank you for bringing me to my dream life. I know all Hopelink teachers care about me deeply. When I feel tired and want to give up, l can see your faces in my head. I also know l am lucky as a new immigrant because l have support from Hopelink.”

-English for Work student

Classes are free! However, they do “cost” time and dedication! We encourage students to work hard to reach their goals. We believe everyone can succeed!

There are morning and evening options available to suit your needs. For details, visit the GED/High School+ and English for Work pages.

It’s easy! To get started in GED/High School+, contact Chelle at 425-941-7004 or GED@hopelink.org.

To get started in English for Work, contact the registration team at 425-250-3007 or englishforwork@hopelink.org.

GED is a way for people who did not receive a high school diploma to earn a secondary school credential. The GED has four exams which measure knowledge and skills expected of high school graduates. The exams are Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. High School+ is a way to earn a high school diploma by filling in gaps on your high school transcript. Both are great options! Hopelink’s GED/High School+ teachers can help you decide which option is best for you.

We offer “English for Work” classes. These classes focus on helping people improve their English language skills to prepare for employment in the U.S.

Hopelink Adult Education is a part of the community and technical college system in Washington State. We work closely with local colleges, and we are happy to help our students get connected to a college program that is right for them.

Our goal is to connect each student to resources that can help them reach their goals. Hopelink’s Adult Education team encourages students to utilize the variety of services that are offered at Hopelink Centers. We work hard to be knowledgeable about community resources and events such as low-cost health services, parenting resources, hiring events, job training programs, English language classes, etc. We train volunteers to serve as advisers and advocates who provide one-on-one support to students. We also offer free online learning resources to empower students to learn independently, and we provide scholarships for students to take the GED tests.

Yes! See here for information about volunteer opportunities. To become a volunteer, a Hopelink orientation and background check are required. Visit the volunteer page for more information.

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