Hopelink Mobility Management provides trip coordination for the Shoreline-Lake Forest Park, Duvall/Carnation, and Redmond Community Vans in partnership with King County Metro and participating cities. This service is designed to provide residents with customized options for getting around when bus service can’t meet their needs. All trips are driven by Metro approved Volunteer Drivers and are dependent on volunteer availability.

Community Van trips are scheduled in advance through a local Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC). To request a trip, or to work with your CTC to propose a new trip, call 425-943-6721, text 833-202-3779, email communityvan@hopelink.org, or fill out the electronic trip form below. If you don’t know the details of your trip or have questions feel free to email or call us!


Community Vans are driven by the community for the community! Start your application today to help your neighbors get where they need to go. Volunteer Drivers ride for free and choose which trips they want to drive for. Metro provides the vans, gas, insurance, and maintenance. You provide the driving skills!

All drivers are vetted through Metro Rideshare Operations. Have questions? Call us at 425-943-6721, text 833-202-3779, or email communityvan@hopelink.org.

  • Complete and sign an online Community Van Driver Application. You may also complete, sign, and email a copy of your Community Van Driver Application to communityvan@hopelink.org.
  • After reviewing your application, King County Metro and your Community Transportation Coordinator will contact you to complete your 30-45 min in-person training and self-led online orientation.
  • Start driving for your community!

Why become a volunteer Community Van driver?

  • Support your community by helping community members get where they need to go. Offering shared rides also reduces traffic and lessens environmental impacts.
  • Initiate your own trips! This reduces wear and tear on your personal vehicle, plus Metro pays for the gas, insurance, and maintenance.
  • Don’t have a personal car or looking for more flexible public transportation? Become an approved Community Van driver to get where you need to go.
  • Help a neighbor with accessibility needs get around more frequently or to a greater variety of destinations.
  • Support driving retirement and safe transportation for older adults.
  • All trips are driven by Volunteer Drivers and are dependent on volunteer availability. Community Van is driven by the community for the community!
  • All Community Van trips require at least 2 riders to schedule a trip.
  • All Community Van trips must originate in their home jurisdiction, but we can pick up other riders along the way.
  • Request a ride in the Community Van at least 2 business days before the trip date. The sooner you request a trip the more likely it is that we can schedule it.

To request a Community Van trip in Shoreline/Lake Forest Park, Duvall/Carnation, or Redmond, please fill out the electronic trip request form below or email us at communityvan@hopelink.org, call , or text 833-202-3779. For all other Community Van jurisdictions, please visit King County Metro’s website to know who to contact. Trips must be requested at least 2 business days before the trip date, but the sooner you request a trip, the more likely we can schedule it.


  • There are no eligibility requirements for the purpose of the trip or who can ride the Community Van.
  • At least 2 riders required to schedule a trip, in addition to the Volunteer Driver.
  • 6 and 12 passenger vans available.
  • Accessibility accommodations available upon request including ramp and wheelchair securement.
  • Parents/guardians must provide and install any needed car seats for their accompanying children.

Community Van is available throughout the days, evenings, and weekends, depending on Volunteer Driver availability.

At least 2 business days’ notice required for requesting Community Van trips.

Return the van within 24 hours.

Don’t live in Shoreline/Lake Forest Park, Duvall/Carnation, or Redmond? Find more information about the Community Van program in neighboring cities here.

  • Anywhere within a 2-hour destination.
  • Grocery shopping, errand running, food bank, farmer’s markets, social services, etc.
  • Festivals and special events such as concerts, sporting events, museum, theater, etc.
  • Activities and events at local senior centers, libraries, community centers, churches, parks, etc.
  • Youth events such as birthday parties, sports, clubs/activities
  • And more!

Pay with Transit GO mobile tickets, any monthly ORCA card, or Human Services Bus Tickets.

A standard Metro fare covers round-trip transportation in the Community Van, which is $2.75 for the standard adult fare. Youth ride free!

We currently cannot accept other forms of payment including cash or e-purse versions of ORCA cards.