If you are a Medicaid eligible client, Hopelink can offer you an Orca Card as an option to get to your medical appointment.

How does the ORCA card work?

The ORCA card is like a reloadable gift card. Fares are loaded on your card and then deducted each time you use the bus. Just tap your ORCA card on the ORCA logo at the card reader when you board the bus. The ORCA card monitors the remaining value of fares, so you don’t have to. For more information on how to use the card, see www.myorca.com, or call 1-888-988-6722.

Will I get a new card each month?

No. The card is reusable. Please do not throw it away. Hopelink will add more fares to your card as trips are scheduled.

How do you determine how much money to put on my ORCA card?

This is based on the current Metro Transit fares. The correct fare amount for each trip that you schedule is added up and that value is put on your ORCA card. For orders less than the minimum amount of $5.00, Hopelink will send you bus tokens.

How long does it take for fares to be loaded on my card?

Please allow 7-10 working days from the time you schedule your trips until the fares will be loaded on your card and ready for you to use. If you need to use the bus for an appointment before those 10 working days, please plan on paying the bus fare separately and you will be reimbursed for the cost of those trips via your ORCA card.

How can I tell how much money is on my card?

For card balance information, call 1-888-988-6722. Please have your ORCA card with you when you call. If you register your ORCA card, you will be able to go online and check the current balance of the card. You can register your card by going to www.myorca.com.

I already have an ORCA card. Can you just add funds to that card?

No. The ORCA system will only allow us to add funds to a card that is owned by Hopelink. We can not add funds to your existing card.

Can I add my own money to the card?

Yes. You can add more money to the ORCA card; however anything you add is non-refundable.

Can the money on my ORCA card be used to purchase a monthly bus pass?

Yes. This must be done in person at an ORCA Customer Service Office or at a participating retail outlet. You may have to pay additional money to equal the cost of a monthly pass, if it costs more than the amount paid for your Medicaid transportation. Go to www.myorca.com for locations of ORCA Customer Service Offices or retail outlets.

Is there an expiration date for a youth card?

Yes. The card will be blocked and will no longer work when the child to whom it is assigned turns 19.

How do I pay for an escort?

If you qualify for escort fares, they will be added to your ORCA card. When you board the bus, before you tap your ORCA card, tell the driver you need to pay for additional people. The driver will set the card reader to deduct the fares for you and your escort from your ORCA card.

I have lost my ORCA card, what should I do?

You should report lost or stolen cards to Hopelink immediately. Hopelink will assist you with replacing your ORCA card and restoring the lost value, subject to the ORCA Terms of Use. The lost card will be made inactive and any remaining balance will be transferred to the new card. It could take 7-10 working days to complete this transfer and you will be responsible for paying any bus fares for transportation during this time.

The ORCA card reader on the bus is showing my card is invalid.

If the card reader on the bus indicates that the card is invalid, you should contact an ORCA customer service representative at 1-888-988-6722 to confirm that funds have been loaded to the card and are available for use. If the card does show that funds are available, please explain to the representative the error message you received on the bus and ask them to assist you. If no funds are available, please contact Hopelink with this problem.

Where can I get more information about ORCA cards?

You can go online to www.myorca.com for more information.

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