Welcome to the Hopelink Transportation Brokerage Facility Web Chat.

This tool is intended for use by medical facilities needing quick access to the Hopelink Transportation Brokerage.

By completing the web form, facilities can start a chat session with a Customer Service Representative for issues or requests relating to Brokerage transportation. The Facility Web Chat tool is HIPAA-compliant, and is staffed 24/7.

To reach us by phone, please call:
King County: 800-923-7433
Snohomish County: 855-766-7433

To reduce wait times, please have the following information ready before starting the chat:

  • Client’s ProviderOne Number
  • Client’s Name
  • Client’s Date of Birth
  • Pick-up address and phone number
  • Drop-off address and phone number
  • Are there any special needs like a wheelchair, car seat, or service for the visually impaired?
Facility Web Chat

Facility Web Chat

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