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GED/High School+

GED/High School+

Hopelink’s GED/High School+ program prepares students to earn their GED or high school diploma so they can get a better job, prepare for college, or fulfill their personal goals. Online and in person learning opportunities are available. The program is free!

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About GED/High School+

Hopelink offers two pathways to earn a high school credential: GED and High School+ (HS+). Students attend GED classes to develop reading, writing, math, and computer skills in preparation to pass all four GED exams. For HS+, Hopelink partners with local colleges to support students as they earn credits toward a high school diploma.

Students work with the teacher to create a customized study plan to match their goals and needs. Students attend GED classes or HS+ check in sessions each week and study independently using materials we provide.

We are passionate about supporting students in reaching their goals. We connect students to tutors for extra support in math and to career advocates for guidance on enrolling in college or getting a job that matches their skills and interests. We also provide scholarships to cover the cost of GED exam fees.

To enroll in GED/High School+ Online, students must:

  • need a high school diploma or GED
  • live in Hopelink’s service area in north and east King County
  • live in the U.S. permanently (we cannot serve people who have B, F, J, M, or other temporary visas)
  • be at least 16 years old and not enrolled, or required to be enrolled, in secondary school

What students say about GED/High School+ classes:

"The class setting is great. I enjoy when I get to come to class to progress towards my future."

"Math is my weakest subject. The tutors are outstanding, and they explain things in very easy to understand methods."

"I was able to finally understand how to do division, something that up until now I wasn't capable of because in typical school I wasn't allowed to explore division in a way I could easily comprehend."

"I want to thank my career advocate for taking the time to go over everything with me. I greatly appreciated it all. I walked out of our meeting feeling I actually had someone in my corner and not alone."

"I love how nice and helpful everyone is, and I love that everyone gets to go on their own pace. This class is the most helpful thing I have ever been in."




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