Hopelink offers gas reimbursement for Medicaid eligible clients as an option to cover costs for getting to and from your medical appointment. If a client transports to a medical appointment and is eligible for transportation via their Benefit Service Package they can take advantage of the gas reimbursement program at the rate of 35 cents per mile. Clients do not have to be the drivers themselves. They can be a friend, family member, or case manager.

View or download further Gas Card information in pdf format below (requires Adobe reader):

Gas Card Program Requirements
Gas Card Trip Request Form

How does it work?

To receive services, you can call Hopelink’s Transportation Reservation Hotline or fax us. To setup your account, we will need you to provide us your trip details including your nine-digit Medicaid ID number also known as the Provider 1 number.

CountyContact Information
King CountyPhone: 800-923-7433
Fax: 425-644-9447
Snohomish CountyPhone: 855-766-7433
Fax: 425-644-9447

Your gas cards and checks will be mailed to the address you give when you call in. You should make sure that the address you give is safe and secure.

You should call in for gas cards before your appointment. You can call as early as the 15th of the month for the next month’s trips. You can call in up to the 7th of the current month for last month’s trips.

It will take about 10 business days from when you call in to receive your gas cards in the mail. We may need to speak with the medical facility before we can mail your gas cards. If we can’t reach the facility, it might take more than 10 business days. Business days are Monday to Friday unless there is a holiday.

You will be paid $.35 cents per mile. The shortest time is used when determining the mileage for your trip. We issue gas cards in $5 increments. There may be times when no gas cards will be sent because the total amount, we have already sent to you is more than the total owed to you.

No. Mileage for all your trips is added together. You may only receive one gas card for several trips.

Hopelink cannot replace gas cards. You should make sure that they are being mailed to a safe address and that you keep them in a safe place once you get them.

Each gas card requires a separate transaction. If you have problems using your card talk to the station attendant. You can also call Chevron/Texaco at 1-866-894-8569. This phone number is printed on the back of each Chevron/Texaco gas card.

Your gas cards will be sent with a letter that gives the trip id, number of trips and total amount of gas cards in the envelope.

You should call Hopelink at 1-800-923-7433 (for King County) or 1-855-766-7433 (for Snohomish County) with any concerns. The Customer Service Representative will file a formal concern on your behalf. Your concern will be investigated and Hopelink will contact you with the findings.