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Take the Pledge To Build an Equitable Community Free of Poverty

Brittney Packnett Cunningham said it best in our conversation at the Reaching Out Luncheon. She said, “Hope is a discipline, courage is a practice.” It is going to take each and every one of us to see our vision of an equitable community free of poverty come to fruition. Join us in holding on to hope and practicing courage by taking this pledge.

The Pledge

I pledge to unpack the impact of race and racism in my life, including understanding my own implicit bias.

I pledge to encourage my personal community to learn about racial equity and be changed by their learning.

I pledge to remain curious about my role in systems that disproportionately neglect communities of color and take action to improve my community footprint.

I pledge to see my mistakes and pitfalls as neutral and an opportunity to simply try something different.

I pledge to maintain hope when building an equitable community gets challenging or I am tired.

Our Commitment to You

Join us in this pledge and we commit to supporting you in your journey by providing opportunities to learn and reflect with others wishing to do the same.

Over the next year, we will offer resources to continue learning about systemic racism and inequities in our communities. We will also offer an opportunity to join in a book group where we will come together through reading, reflection, and dialogue. Each quarter we will read a new book together. We will provide you with reflection questions to do on your own and supplemental materials if you are ready to do more.

At the end of each quarter, we will gather together to debrief our learning and share our insights and best practices in building equitable community free of poverty.

Participation in the book group is optional and not required to take this pledge; we simply want to offer a path to build community and accountability on your journey toward being your best self and community member. We hope you will join us in this pledge.