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End Summer Hunger

End Summer Hunger is Hopelink’s grassroots effort to ensure that kids on summer break have enough to eat when meals at school are not available. The annual campaign brings together local businesses, organizations, schools and individuals to raise funds to provide supplemental food for kids who qualify for free and reduced-price breakfasts and lunches during the school year.

The End Summer Hunger fundraising drive runs from April through August. Donations help offset increasing demand at Hopelink’s five food banks during the summer months.

Number of children Hopelink Helped in 2017
Number of children Hopelink Helped in 2017
Number of families Hopelink Helped in 2017
Number of families Hopelink Helped in 2017




The Need

Children who receive free or reduced-price meals at school come from families that struggle every day to pay for the most basic needs, including shelter, food and heat. During the summer months, many parents face an additional challenge: paying for child care while they are at work, as well as the added cost of daytime meals for kids at home.

Number of students enrolled in free and reduced lunch program by school district


Opportunities to Help


Start Fundraising Now

One unique aspect of the program is a focus on kids helping kids through classroom coin drives. Young students learn about hunger in their community, while also realizing they can make a positive difference when their spare change is added together.

For students, learning that some of the classmates they see every day are hungry is a significant and lasting lesson. The coin drives may be their first experience with philanthropy, and to know they are helping ensure that not only people in their community, but those in their own school have enough to eat during the summer months is empowering.

Another essential component of the End Summer Hunger Campaign is the support of businesses. Every year, local businesses raise donations of money and food that help hundreds of local families. You can donate directly to the campaign here: Donate Now or you can initiate your own online fundraising effort online, with our support, by clicking here.

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