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Expand Food Program

Expand Food Program

Hopelink has an extensive food assistance program which currently serves 15,000 people each year through five food banks and various other programs, some of which are designed specifically to ensure children in low-income families do not go without food.

Families of four who are utilizing Hopelink’s food bank assistance receive the equivalent of $400 of food per month. This assistance means that families no longer need to worry about where their next meal is coming from. They can then use the money saved to address other vital needs. They can then truly focus on acquiring the tools necessary to leave poverty on a permanent basis.

The tools necessary to exit poverty are available at the same location as Hopelink’s food banks. Clients visiting our food banks are able to meet with professionals in various programs in order to receive the help they need.

With a bigger investment, Hopelink is committed to serving more people through its food banks, and providing stability to more families who are seeking to exit poverty.

For more information contact Barbara Hagel at bhagel@hopelink.org, or 425.897.3706.