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Kirkland/Northshore Food Bank and Emergency Services

Please call ahead to schedule an appointment to register with your local food bank. Once you are registered you will be able to attend twice per month. Hopelink also has volunteers who are able to make home deliveries to homebound individuals. 


Kirkland/Northshore Food Bank and Emergency Services
11011 120th Ave. NE
98033 Kirkland , WA
United States
Washington US

Family Development

Hopelink’s Family Development Program will help you create a long-term, step-by-step plan of action for your future. Working one-on-one with a Case Manager, you will discover your unique strengths as you set goals and work toward those goals. Your action plan will be tailored to your family’s needs, and may include such areas as education, employment, health, housing stability, parenting and financial management. Case Managers also are connected to many local resources and will offer referrals and advocate for families when necessary.

Energy Assistance

Hopelink may be able to provide up to $1,000 of your home heating costs each year. If you qualify for the program, you can receive assistance even if you are not behind on your bill and/or have not received a shut-off notice.

Hopelink’s Energy Assistance program can help pay for most heat sources – including gas, electricity, oil, wood and propane.

Financial Capabilities

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Adult Education


Hopelink’s General Educational Development (GED) classes help improve your reading, writing, math and computer skills so you will be able to pass all four GED tests (math, science, social studies and language arts) and earn the equivalent of a high school diploma.

Hopelink GED classes are small so you will be able to ask questions and work at your own pace. Classes are free and offered at various times to suit your busy schedule, and you can begin anytime. Hopelink also offers scholarships to help pay for your GED exam fees.

English for Work


From critical trips to kidney dialysis and chemotherapy treatments for cancer patients, to daily trips to Children’s Hospital and for seniors who must have routine medical visits to avoid nursing homes, transportation can make the crucial difference between being homebound and isolated, or healthy and active.

Employment Services

Hopelink’s Employment Services program provides resources, tools and individual coaching during the job search process. Whether you are hoping to get back into the workforce or are contemplating a career change, Employment Specialists can help identify your interests and skills and guide you in developing a successful career path.

An Employment Specialist also can help you develop a high-quality resume and cover letter, as well as help you practice job interviews. And you will learn job search strategies, including how to “network” as a way of uncovering the hidden job market.

Food Assistance

When a family doesn't have enough food, stability in other areas is impossible. Hopelink’s Food Assistance program offers a safe and welcoming environment where you will be able to get fresh, healthy food – including fresh produce, bread, tomato products, soup, pasta, peanut butter, rice, canned fruits and vegetables, beans, tuna and refrigerated dairy items. In addition, pet food, paper products, soap, toothpaste, diapers and other non-food items are often available.


Emergency Family Shelter

Hopelink’s Kenmore and Redmond shelters provide a short-term home for families in crisis. With a goal of finding stable, permanent housing, families in the Kenmore and Redmond shelters are able to stay on a month-to-month basis.

Transitional & Long-term Housing

Financial Assistance

Hopelink can help pay your rent during a time of financial need. If you are experiencing a short-term financial crisis due to unexpected expenses – such as medical bills, auto repair or loss of income – Hopelink may be able to help you pay one month’s rent so that you are able to stay in your home.

In addition to preventing eviction, Hopelink’s Financial Assistance program may be able to help with move-in costs.

Limited funds also are available to help cover other costs, such as prescriptions or to help keep your water or sewer services running.