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Fund Drive

Fund Drive

Your community group or business can help us with a Fund Drive!

Popular Ideas:

  • Hold a fund drive at your school, business or community group.
  • Hold raffles for a day off with pay, reserved parking spots, getaways, etc.
  • Have an “empty your pockets” day (or week) and collect all the pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters from everyone.
  • Host a holiday party and instead of bringing gifts, wrap a picture of the gift you would have brought for a friend or colleague to unwrap and donate the money instead.

Steps to Coordinate a Fund Drive:

  • Register Your Event: Let us know what you’re planning to do and when your event is taking place. We can provide you with supplies. To register your event and coordinate supply pickups please e-mail Kiri at
  • Choose Your Location: Be sure that the drop off location is well marked and easy to get to. Posting “Food Drive Drop-Off Point” signs. Enhance your collection by using Hopelink collection barrels, sleeves, and posters. Put these where people can see them, but don’t obstruct foot/vehicular traffic. If you’re holding a drive at school consider having barrels inside the entrance where the most foot traffic is.
  • Set a Date!
  • Decide on the Details: Choose a theme, type of drive, and the duration of the drive. Decide if you want the drive to be a one-time collection event or a multi-week competition between classrooms or offices. Many drives take place over a week or more, so people have a longer period of time to bring in their items.
  • Select Drive Leaders: Select dependable people with good leadership skills, and enough free time to be helpful.
  • Orient Your Drive Leaders: Explain the need for food, confirm dates, and explain drive procedures.
  • Spread the Word!: Create a slogan that relates to your organization; Send out the suggested food list provided by Hopelink; Two weeks before the drive publicize it in school newsletters, online, in e-newletters, on posters and bulletin boards; Hold a kick off event and ask people to bring cans of food for admission.