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Mobile Market

The Mobile Market distributes food to targeted areas with food insecurity throughout East King County. It distributes prepacked boxes of assorted fresh locally grown produce, which contain seasonal fruits and vegetables. It also distributes prepacked boxes of shelf stable foods such as peanut butter, pastas, soups, beans, rice and canned fruits and vegetables. When available we will have fresh dairy and frozen meats as well.

All of this food is free! There is no need for an appointment. When arriving at a Mobile Market location look for signs guiding you to our dark blue sprinter van with Hopelink graphics. In poor weather we will have an awning deployed to keep you dry. Simply sign in and we will provide you with the food we have available.

Mobile Market Calendar


March Calendar

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Food bank will be closed on the following days:

Mobile Market Closed
Feb. 20 | May 29 | June 19 | July 4 | Sept. 4 | Nov. 23 & 24 | Dec. 25 Closed all day