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Hopelink Heroes

Hopelink Heroes

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Hopelink Heroes

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Hopelink Heroes

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Every single day, Hopelink Heroes are changing lives; helping the homeless family in need of food and shelter, the older woman who can’t afford to turn on the heat, and the single dad who is looking for work.

The Hopelink Heroes campaign is our effort to express our gratitude to those who are making a difference in so many lives, right here at home.

Through your support, you are a hero to us. And even more than that, you are a hero to the families and individuals we serve every single day.

And you are a big part of the reason why we are able to help 64,000 people every year, providing stability and a path out of poverty.

As a Hopelink Hero, you are part of a growing network of caring, committed individuals who are building a stronger, more vital community.

Thank you for your support. And thank you for being a Hopelink Hero.

Hopelink Hero Pins

Hopelink Hero pins recognize those who support Hopelink in various ways, such as donating, volunteering or attending one of our many events. We hope you will wear the pins with pride, and that they will spark conversation about Hopelink’s commitment to building a better community.


Hopelink Special Pins

Additional collectable pins will be available for select events and campaigns throughout the year.

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