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Employees Excellence Award Nominees 2020

Employees Excellence Award Nominees 2020

The Human Resources team is proud to recognize the service and commitment of our 2020 Employee Recognition award nominees, who went above and beyond in their position, who gave amazing service to their customers, and who provided wonderful support for their teams. We are honored by your exemplary service to Hopelink’s mission.

Congratulations to all our nominees and thank you to all who took the time to submit nominations this year!

Above and Beyond Award

Adiam Woldu, Customer Service Supervisor
Aimee Biggs, IT Technician
Andy McPherson, Customer Service Coordinator
Angie Lyons, Digital Communications Specialist
Bryan Athay, Facilities Maintenance Technician
Clyde Strickland, Scheduling Supervisor
Donata Brenner, Case Manager
Elham Mokhtari Zadeh, Eligibility & Resource Specialist
Gloria Nakroshis, Stability Resource Specialist
Helen Huntsman, Customer Service Representative
Jackson Puz, IT Business Analyst
Jade Cooper, Stability Resource Specialist
Jamieson Herman, Scheduler
Kerry Engle, Program Coordinator, Housing & Case Management
Lauren Laing, Food Bank Supervisor
Lenise Lewis, Education Coordinator
Lorna Ven, Transportation Program Support Manager
Maggie Hernandez, Customer Service Coordinator
Meghan Altimore, Vice President, Community Services & Operational Excellence
Neal Mizushima, Senior Manager Engagement & Training
Pam Cabrera, Development Officer, Corporate Relations
Rahima Somji, Center Manager
Regina Kuzina, Center Manager
Scott Cooper, Program Coordinator
Steffani Farrell, HR Coordinator
Tara Adams, Center Manager
Trisha Miller, Scheduler
Wes Barga, Senior Manager, Quality Improvement

Customer Service Superstar Award

AJ Gabriel, Stability Resource Specialist
Amina Mussa, Customer Service Representative
Andy McPherson, Customer Service Coordinator
Camille Heatherly, Mobility Coordinator
Corri Blair, Visual Designer, Brand Specialist
Dean Sydnor, Off-Site Transportation Coordinator
Devina, Eligibility & Resource Specialist
Donna O’Connor, Program Manager, Financial Capability
Fabiola Bogarin, Customer Service Representative
Kerry Engle, Program Coordinator, Housing & Case Management
Kimberly Eickerman, Client Resource Specialist
Laurie Meynig, Client Resource Specialist
Lenise Lewis, Education Coordinator
Michael Bennett, IT Technician
Nathan Jarvis, Lead Energy Policy Specialist
Rochelle Jones, Program Supervisor
Scott Cooper, Program Coordinator
Tasnim Rehamani, Client Resource Specialist
Theresa Zylinsky, Customer Service Representative

The Terrific Team Player Award

Abdullah Siddiqui, Center Manager
Andy McPherson, Customer Service Coordinator
Asfar Jecha, Customer Service Representative
Bill Jones, IT Technician
Cindy Donohue, Center Manager
Daniela Romo, Lead Energy Policy Specialist
Elizabeth Harrison, Manager of Case Management
Eric Westergard, Enrollment Specialist
Jackie Murray, Transportation Program Support Representative
Janie Walzer, Mobility Coordinator
Joy Horbochuk, Case Manager
Kelli Graham, Program Manager, Adult Education
Rhonda Knuckey, Employment Specialist
Susan Nichols, Eligibility & Resource Specialist
Tamarah Lee, Senior Manager Engagement and Training
Tammy Rodriguez, Customer Service Supervisor
Vivian Dang, Stability Resource Specialist

Thank you to all our staff for your hard work and dedication in making sure Hopelink is the best it can be.