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Coronavirus Response Information

The work that Hopelink does is critical in this community. From coordinating thousands of nonemergency medical transportation trips every day for Medicaid patients, to providing food and shelter for families, to delivering emergency financial assistance for eviction prevention. Providing stability in crisis is the first step in our theory of change. And we need to provide stability now more than ever. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, and the King County Public Health Department (, the vast majority of people exposed to COVID-19 (the coronavirus) will experience only minor illness, or no symptoms at all. For people over 60, those with suppressed immune systems or those with underlying disease, however, can experience severe illness and the disease can be fatal.

The following changes are in place:

  • On Monday, May 2nd, food banks re-opened with new hours as Hopelink Markets for in-person food distribution. More information on the change can be found on the Food Program page.
  • Starting Monday, May 2nd, lobbies in Redmond and Sno-Valley will be open to the public during Market hours. Lobbies in Bellevue, Kirkland and Shoreline remain closed.
  • Adult Education, Family Development, Employment, Financial Assistance and Energy and Water Assistance are being offered in person by appointment and staff will escort their guests to their meeting space. Appointments can also take place online or by phone.

Hopelink's Coronavirus Response

Hopelink’s Coronavirus Response Team is continuing to monitor the situation, and take steps as necessary to ensure the following:

  • The health and safety of our staff, volunteers, family members, clients and community is our top priority
  • We will keep our facilities environmentally clean and focused on good hygiene practices
  • We will do everything we can to continue to serve clients and vulnerable populations
  • We will use an equity lens and not discriminate based on false stereotypes
  • We will actively communicate factual information to our staff, volunteers, guests, and when possible, to clients and passengers
  • We will work together to ensure that every employee and volunteer understands their role and how they can help
  • It is our commitment to prioritize safety and health for all our community, while providing services to our clients. Together we are taking proactive steps in responding to an unprecedented challenge. These actions are all intended to help keep staff, volunteers, clients and the community safe, while allowing us to continue providing services that are critical for a vulnerable population at a time of high community need.

    Viruses don’t discriminate: Coronavirus doesn't recognize race, nationality nor ethnicity. Discrimination based on ethnicity or ancestry will make the situation worse. Having Chinese ancestry – or any other ancestry – does not make a person more vulnerable to this illness. As an agency that values diversity equity, diversity and inclusion, these types of profiling have no place in our community.

    If you have any questions about Hopelink, its services or its response to the arrival of the coronavirus in our community, please contact us at 425.869.6000, at, or call your local Center.

    Food Program

    On Monday, May 2nd, food banks re-opened with new hours as Hopelink Markets. Once inside, you will be able to select your own nutritious, fresh and non-perishable food and personal care items. New hours for each location are listed on the Food Program page.