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Can Madness 2021

In recognition of the challenges experienced by regional organizations and businesses in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to forego the campaign this year, bring it back in 2022, and make it better than ever!

Can Madness was created to be a fun, competitive and team-based way for organizations and businesses to support Hopelink clients with donations of food. Teams compete each week to see which ones can raise the most food. Those that raise the most food each week move through the brackets until a winner is declared! Safely holding this kind of campaign in the middle of a pandemic is simply not possible.

In the last year Hopelink has distributed the equivalent of 2.7 million meals to families and individuals in our community affected by the pandemic. Thanks for your support, and if you’d still like to help Hopelink clients, you can still do so by donating here.