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Hopelink's Response to Justice for George Floyd

Hopelink's Response to Justice for George Floyd

Today, in Minneapolis, a verdict was reached in the trial seeking justice for the murder of father and son, George Floyd. Many expected for the justice system to fail our Black community members yet again. With sorrow still in our hearts for the death of George Floyd, we saw justice served with the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, who many remember as a kind and compassionate man.

For many of our community members, especially our Black neighbors, today is a harsh reminder that what should be standard for all, equal access to justice, safety, and freedom from police brutality, is still only accessible in small doses for some communities.

At Hopelink, we are committed to systemic change in our communities to address the broader issues that perpetuate poverty, including institutional racism. We understand that it will take complete and total transformation of all our systems to not only stop causing harm to communities of color, but also rectify the centuries-long inequities in our communities.

We, at Hopelink seek to reflect the standard we wish to see in our communities. We believe that every person who walks through our doors should be met with kindness and an experience that validates their identities and humanity. As we listen to our clients’ experiences of injustice and inequity, we seek opportunities to advocate for change. We are committed to do our part to build an equitable community free of poverty, and we hope you will join us.