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John and Jessica Halpern

John and Jessica Halpern

Supporters John and Jessica Halpern have been volunteering at the Redmond Food Market for over 7 years now. “We started volunteering with Hopelink because it seemed to us to be one of the most important causes in our community to support,” says John.

When asked why Hopelink above all the other incredible organizations in our community, John recounted his past experiences with Hopelink. Years ago, John and Jessica relied on Hopelink food banks and services to get by.

“We had hit some hard times and it was the only way for us to get through it. We would not have made it without the support of Hopelink along the way; the kindness and respect we were met with has driven us to do the same for others. We feel fortunate for having had that help and it has inspired us to continue to give back.”

Volunteering at Hopelink has afforded John and Jessica the opportunity to get to know the members of their community that they support through their work as well as their donations.

“Over the years, we have gotten to know some clients at a personal level. There is nothing more gratifying than walking down the street in Redmond and a client from the Food Market approaches us to say hello. That connection means a lot to us and really is the main reason we keep coming back.”

After volunteering at Hopelink for nearly a decade, John and Jessica have developed strong relationships with not only the clients, but also staff.

“The other reason we keep coming back is the wonderful Stef Zandell, the Redmond food program supervisor. Stef manages an amazing group of people and ensures that all clients are treated with dignity and respect. Stef has cultivated an amazing space for everyone involved; staff, clients AND volunteers. Every day brings new challenges to Hopelink, but Stef and the volunteers continue to adjust and react to our changing environment. We see ourselves volunteering at Hopelink Redmond far into the future.”

Thank you, John and Jessica, for all that you do!